Quality Training for Busy People

"The Christian Ministry Training Course launched in July 2009 with 16 students from across the country. What makes this highly unusual is that while the course offers in-depth training for pastoral leadership and for all those considering deeper levels of service, there are no college buildings and all 16 students had other full-time interests.

The need to train future church leaders is a vital and urgent concern, particularly in smaller churches. Our vision is to put in depth Bible and ministry training within reach of as many people as possible so that they are not excluded by any practical reason, be it financial, or family, or job, or geography, or church commitments. All we require is a heart for God and a serious intention to learn and study alongside their current commitments. We therefore set out to provide serious Bible and ministry training which is affordable to average people from any size of church and does not require the students to leave their job or home."

Martin Woodier
Director of CMTC

The Christian Ministry Training Course will combine the advantages of technology whilst giving course members valuable time together.

You will listen to an average of around three to four recorded lectures per week at home (in MP3 format) throughout the year, linked to six assignments which will focus on different key skills for Christian Ministry. (We will either give you the lectures or direct you to websites where they will be available free of charge). You will also spend two separate weeks per year residentially, where the focus will be on training and equipping, not just educating and informing. You will also have a personal tutor assigned to you from among the CMTC tutors and we will help you to establish a mentor relationship with someone suitable more local to you. The full course will last for four years, with students being able to join at the start of any academic year (late July).

The following major courses will be spread over the four years of the course using recorded lectures in MP3 format:

  • Genesis to Revelation (240 lectures ie. just over one lecture per week)
  • Systematic Theology (160)
  • History of Christianity (60)
  • Pastoral and Theological Studies and Social Ethics (70)

There will be shorter courses of between 1 and 10 lectures which will be studied over the four years of the CMTC:

  • Bible
  • Interpreting the Bible
  • The Hebraic Roots of our Christian Faith
  • An Introduction to Biblical Theology


  • Aspects of Christian Ministry
  • The Anatomy of the Man of God
  • Training Leadership
  • A Guide to Sermon Preparation
  • The Art of Preaching
  • Ministering like the Master
  • Preparation for Christian Service
  • Planting Churches – A Gospel Need & A Gospel Answer
  • How to Deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure
  • Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task
  • The Primacy of Expository Preaching
  • On Being a Pastor
  • The emerging church
  • Equipped to serve (1 & 2 Timothy)
  • Growing Churches


  • The Interface: Present Day Church/Culture
  • Faith & Reason
  • The Challenge of Relativism
  • The Supremacy of Christ in a Post-modern World
  • The Gospel in Contemporary Culture
  • Knowing the Times - How to maintain knowledge of the world around you
  • Apologetics
  • Using popular culture to reach Post moderns
  • Understanding Postmodernism
  • From Modernism to Postmodernism