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Ian Williamson

Ian Williamson

I come from a white working class family which had very little to do with church apart from weddings and funerals. My mother came to faith when I was about 13 years old. I had time working in the oil industry, public house management and as a nightclub bouncer until I came to faith aged 28.

I was working for a prison ministry alongside the chaplaincy departments of a number of prisons and as an evangelist in the communities around Middlesbrough and I was aware that I needed a better understanding of the Bible. I was reluctant to go into full time training and the CMTC seemed like an excellent way to train without it impacting on my family and work life too much.

I struggled a lot to begin with as I was one of the few who hadn’t had a university background and wasn’t used to study and assignments, yet I found the residential a fantastic opportunity to learn from other students and teaching staff.

I have recently planted a church in Middlesbrough and feel that the relationships, practical skills and opportunities to learn from experienced practitioners has helped me in my planting New Life Church and it is reassuring to know that I can call on the network of students and staff for help when faced with new challenges in my ministry.