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Robin Singleton

Robin Singleton

The Christian Ministry Training Course was, for me, not so much a route into full time Gospel Ministry but rather an ‘on-the-job’ training programme. I was already the pastor of a small Baptist church and had been looking for a training course that was thoroughly evangelical and practical and was not primarily focussed on academic accreditation. It was also crucial to me that the course was not too expensive and that the time demands were manageable.

Despite all of the helpful pre-course information I was still not quite sure what to expect when I arrived at the first residential. I needn’t have worried! What I found was a welcoming warm-hearted group of people who were passionate about serving Christ and were hungry to learn from experienced local pastors, as well as from famous academics and Bible teachers. I soon discovered that the course leaders were all involved in Gospel Ministry and were men worthy of imitation. I will never forget their godly example and encouragement.

The whole course exceeded my expectations but the residential study weeks were a particular highlight.

It goes without saying that I still have much to learn but the course helped me to understand the Bible better, helped me in my preaching, helped me to handle theological and pastoral issues, helped me to face some of the practical problems of church life and gave me a new network of Christian friends from all over the country.

I graduated in 2014 and I am now the pastor of a new church plant in Loftus, which is on the North East coast of England.